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Deliver. Deliveryman. Delivery.

Deliver. I have been away, soul searching, reflection, day dreaming. Hey, "your dreams are valid." Lupita Nyong'o. Therefore, dream on friend. Dream until people pay you to dream: as legislator (MPs) or think-tank innovator. By the way, Kenya is becoming a bed of roses for major companies innovation centres and incubation hubs. Deliveryman. Be available… Continue reading Deliver. Deliveryman. Delivery.

Google Chrome Options You Might Activate #1

chrome flags

Google Chrome is the most widey used internet browser. It is simple to use and its integration into several of the devices today make it even better. There are items under the hood that you might consider to activate to make your usage experience even better. You simply need to enter chrome://flags in the Chrome address bar… Continue reading Google Chrome Options You Might Activate #1

Blessed are the Kenyans

The Kenyan Beatitudes: The following is a paraphase of the parables on the mountain from Matthew 5:3-12; the Kenyan version. 3 Blessed are the Kenyans suffering in prayer daily for: security to visit the shops, jobs or health center; leaders to show leadership instead of corruption; to learn and progress instead of strikes and poverty;… Continue reading Blessed are the Kenyans