Having a lazy or busy FUTURE?

In the afternoon, having some tea and snacks to keep the pangs of dinner at bay, we got into a time travel discussion. Seeing how much leap technology has reached today, with the touchscreens and voice prompt commands to devices to just type away messages. This feature of voice interactivity made some money for the movie Her. They made a movie on how easy interaction and relationships are made by just speech and a lot of imagination. Watch it! That adds to the ease people owning iPhones enjoy with Siri.

Let us take a look at the many advances to the technology world that make life more effectively utilise our time. Mobile phones in emerging countries like South Africa, Lebanon, Nigeria, Kenya, India, and China, are a major source of information and power to their economy. From employment bureaus, online market, sports betting, money transfers, information search engines, social media services, and share internet data bundle services. These numerous services have revolutionised the thinking and ability of a mobile phone to do more than one task, much like a computer or actually more powerful than a computer with the invention of Hexa-core processors for mobile devices.

This means more power is being sent to your mobile phones that you spend much more time there as opposed to your computer. Effeciency, timeliness, readiness, and effective nature of tasks carried out by these devices means that the jobs required to be accomplished are achieved better and faster.

So why would one say that in the future all men would do is just watch television all day, because if you need anything it is just a voice prompt or click away? This may be true if you have watched the movie WALL•E.

“With great power comes great responsibility.” That is what we are told; a paraphrase of, “to him that much is given, much will be required”.

If you have all these power, use it to achieve more in a shorter span of time. Someone decided to squeeze some more time out of the little you have in a day, by making another brain outside a man. A robot or smartphone. An artificial intelligence. An alien if you ask me about these ‘humans’ who have nano-brains but no flesh.

Therefore, the next time you think of lazing around, busy body, know that as you sleep in New York, someone in Sydney is making money before his afternoon lunch break. As you watch a documentary on cancer treatment in London, know someone is researching on a cure for cancer in Beijing. As you sit in a stadium watching a football game in some country, people are at war in some country over a piece of land, probably a football pitch long!

Trivial things make sense to trivial minded people. Although, penny wise, pound foolish, it makes more sense to think big. As Donald Trump puts it, “think big, because you will be thinking anyway. Think BIG!”

[image: macradar]


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