Top Basic apps to install in Android phone

You keep searching for what to install where and why, every time you buy a new item. Well for a Smartphone with an Android version 2.3 (Gingerbread) and latter you have numerous options that work to meet a few basic needs of the everyday person.

Email: Well there are many email apps in the market, but for a simple and effective email service, on multiple accounts availability, you would opt for K-9 Mail app. Unlike the Gmail app, it has a much simpler interface, sync service and choice of folders to update. You would enjoy the ease of minimal interference with other applications enjoying the same internet, even on the 2G or EDGE network connection.

Social life: For the social life and relational interactivity, there are numerous services out there each with its own pros and cons.

  1. For Twitter, the Tweetcaster app took the top points, for it has simple way to tweet and ability to control what you see from whom, where and when. The option for auto-refresh tweets is a wonderful addition to the application. Also, you never have to remember any #hash-tags or twitter handles. It comes with a smart auto-complete option for all those repetitive tasks.

  1. For Facebook, there would be said to be no alternative to the company app. But there are rivals that tend to differ, like Streamlife gives the option to mix the Twitter, Facebook and other major social services updates within the timeline. But the thing is that the best apps are not for any Android running prior versions to 4.0 (IceCreamSandwich)
  1. For those chatroom fanatics who enjoy the glory of ‘group discussions’, Whatsapp is the common and favoured application in the market. Although upcoming rivals like Hike and Hangouts, seem to give a better service to the users. For Hike in terms of the interface, the stickers and Emoji, the status updates and ability to upload upto 100 MB of data (Office documents unlike Whatsapp). This really rivals the other applications by far.

System management: This means the provision of control and maintenance of the components of services and items on the machine. In this area, focus is on the #1 contender since its inception; ZD-box has revolutionized the system management access, to a simple click of a widget. It serves you with Power-saver, System wide switches (WiFi, Bluetooth, GPS, data, etc.), App2SD and Uninstall, Do-Not-Disturb (really cool feature), among others. This app has continued to stand above the rest and yet to be really challenged by the rivals who grasp at straws.

Note-taking: for many business and school going people, taking notes is of highest importance. It could change the destiny of the results and your future. Well some apps are here to help you out:

  1. Wish you get a writing pad for note taking but now all digital, look no further than Evernote as this app has been there, here and is still going to be one of the best in the market so far. The options of Snap-noting (taking a snap of something and adding a note), Voice-noting (you recording an audio file), Sketch (whereby you quickly sketch something up), and Task-list which, like the simple note making option, now works like a Task-list option instead. So whether in the field or just a home a thought came to your mind, just tap and ‘Evernote’.

  1. For those browsing, even this page right now, but in a rush to another important activity, or in the research and wish to just ‘ReadItLater’. Well, the Pocket app would do wonders for you, from the comfort of your browser, just share the page with Pocket, then open the app and let it download the links, if it had not finished. The mobile-view option works perfectly with those on mobile data connectivity, reducing the effect of whole page downloads. This works for Twitter links, web pages and any other item you are browsing and just wish to ‘bookmark’ and review at your own convenience.

Entertainment: the adage goes like “all work and no play, makes Jack a dull boy”. This is true even for a Smartphone. Take a glance at what is there in offer at the moment:

  1. Movies and music are a must have, especially for those watching straight from the internet with all the WiFi in the airspace. But for a few, that is not simple, so you would rather download and watch. Top choice for playback, the over performing MX Playerapp finds few rivals in the market, with its ability to play nearly any video or audio format you can throw at it. You could say it is the VLC of the mobile world. The interface and interactivity is superb let alone the ability to even stream the video from online. It is truly a PnP (Place and Play) kind of application that you will take pleasure in having around.
  1. For those who want to amplify the music; Poweramp Music Player is a wonderful alternative. It has unique ability to blend and tune the music with a 6-band equalizer option and Treble-Bass option for those who feel the equalizer is not enough. It gives a 120% of more than you can imagine with it simple interactive options, especially on the 4.1.2 (JellyBean) running phones, that have a more powerful lock screen capability than the rest.

Browsing: the internet has become a global village, whereby anything is achieved at the click of a button. Therefore, click away with Opera Mini for the basic browsing options that is fast and light weight on the limited resources you have. Also it has superb interactive options like sharing and the ease of Find in Page. The competitors like UC Browser mini offer much faster browsing options; better and simpler option to downloading items.

The Google Play Store boasts of over ten million applications in the market. Your limitations will be the Android version you are running and hardware capabilities of the mobile device. So, keep exploring as you keep working to see if you can find what you need, as “there is nothing unique, someone else already did it”.


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