Cortana vs Siri vs Google Now

by Daniel Rubino (Windows Central)

I have watched numerous videos on Cortana vs Siri vs Google Now, and realized that the they are very similar and perform much the same when it comes to basic commands.

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If you were to ask one for Check In at a place or application like Foursquare, you might need to phrase it correctly, or else you end up doing a web search. For some things like reminders, some say that it creates a recurring reminder. How this is true, yet to see.

Ask Cortana to remind you to call John Smith tomorrow at one o’clock, and it will try to create a recurring reminder for 1 AM. Eric Limer (Gizmodo)

For the simple things like changing the voice of the assistant between male or female; the language spoken or detected; to the most difficult – singing to you. Here, Cortana seems to stay ahead of the competition and more likely to remain for the time being. As this is still in beta and improvements are still being made for Cortana, we are to wait and see how the “smart” assistant will do in the future.


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