Windows Phone vs Andoid

Lumia 435

Windows Phone loaded with Windows 8.1 (Denim) feels more personal and top notch compared to Android 4.1+ (JellyBean and latter). It fills the gaps and meets the ideas I felt Android were missing when they kept modding instead of making it personal. Yes. Modding.

Windows Phone does not matter which Lumia you have, are only different in hardware, but the same software powers them all. This means that my 512MB RAM, Nokia Lumia 520 holds to even install Cortana (for fun. I love this app).

Unlike Google phones that are riddled with mods, replicas and depositories like a Linuverse (universe of Linux). Unstable, bugged and so boring nowadays if not for visual stimuli you get from the design team at Google. These phones (Android running) say they share the operating system across devices – apart from Nexus edition – but some elements are missing. Purposely removed by the developer of phone. Arrgh!

I feel that I am nearly moving to Windows Phone. I’m on the door mat waiting for the door to open. Windows Phone was well thought out. Tips n Tricks you might not know:

  • Hold the back button to show recent apps and close them to increase memory. But also, resuming works way, WAY better than on Android. I love resuming on Windows Phone.
  • Add apps like Weather to the lockscreen apps to make it even more cool. Especially weather app, beautiful wallpapers. Give the app access/ permission to change the lockscreen wallpaper.
  • When in doubt, ask Cortana. Yes, just for a few seconds, try out Cortana by changing your Language and Region in the setting to one of these region and try it out. More positive reviews and this might be the best idea since Google Voice.
  • Mute is quite easy. Tap volume, then on the pop-up tap the speaker on volume bar to Silent, or Vibrate also to totally silent phone. (people were saying Windows lacked quick silent option than Android. HAHA. They improved it!)

more tips as I keep using… TnT Windows Phone.


3 thoughts on “Windows Phone vs Andoid”

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