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Since Kenya pushed for digital migration, I had to embrace this novel idea else the idea would age me “analog” – as we now affectionately call people who have not migrated.

Get a good internet service provider (ISP) and unlock your offline nature. Upgrade the lifestyle to digital too – phone runs on wifi only. The phone has not eaten bytes for months now. Great, as now no more video and music downloads; they are always online and easily reachable.

Music had to move too – thank you Mixcloud. For now all I do is play Dj mixes all day and forget radio shows and mix. But do you know the difference between the two?

Here is what metadekk found out and helped me out of my dilemma:

For the longest time, I had always thought of Mixcloud as sort of the “black-sheep-other” website where you can post your demos and mixes for others to hear and/or download, whereas Soundcloud was the “standard-go-to” service to host your music on. Well, thanks to the good folks at Mixcloud (and I thank them GREATLY for it!) is that, in fact, THE TWO SITES SERVE TWO TOTALLY DIFFERENT PURPOSES!!!

…and, you should be on on both because…

Mixcloud is for sharing MIXES, Soundloud is for sharing SONGS. That’s it! That’s the fundamental difference. But, when I found this out, I felt like I had discovered the Meaning of Life! So, the question still remains, “Ok…why should I be on both?”

Life is that simple sometimes once you get to know the difference – pros and cons – of the many services in the internet. Especially for Djs using Soundcloud and may end up with their accounts terminated for Rights and Copyrights infringement.

So, enjoy the music but be safe.



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