Destiny Chasers

When I was younger mother, would compare my siblings. “Why are you not like your brother? Why do you not act like how your brother works?” my mother would keep comparing and contrasting like an artist painting a canvas, searching for the perfect heavenly touch of colour. This dissuaded me from trying to better myself, for there would always be a not good enough from my parents. Yes, man can never be totally fulfilled. He is like a rag with holes filling with water.

But enough of considering myself inadequate. Enough of putting my joy behind to fulfil the dream of others. The silent spectator to every life situation and circumstances: the love moments, the heart breaks, the miss you more moments, the help me out please moments and hold me tight and close moments. Gracias amigos familia.

It is time to move on, to step out of the nest and flap your wings, hoping to touch the clouds and grasp for the stars. Dreams and vision are the lit path to destiny and fate.

Demons within are as bad as the demons we fight daily out here. Angels are few here, for the fallen walk among us. Corrupting the vile and poisoning the beauty of creation and direction set out for the good of all men.

To live or die is a choice; even for babes innocent as they are, have their destiny and/ or fate written in the sky. Only gods can change the fate of men. These gods are men. Mere mortals immortilised by fame and fortune, favour and beauty, making them above others – kings, lords, masters and gods.

I choose to make my own fate. Weave my own tapestry of destiny. God by my side, who can be against me.

Leaving in the shadows as many fell in amor, knotted nuptials, sired and spawned themselves into another generation of breath, magic and creation. It is time to join the circus and make a clown of myself.

Make merry while the sun shines.


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