Packs and Add-ons for Football Manager 2014

“How comes your Football Manager 2014 has such a near realistic feel to it?” a friend asked. It is true; the sounds are just near on point. The player kits are just real too, even on the pitch as they play. The stadium ad boards are also on point, Arsenal with the Fly Emirates banners, Man United with the AON and Adidas, even for Champions League games with Heineken.

This is an amazing simulation for a football game engine, agree? However, how did you get here if you may be asked?

First install the game and/or fix (patch files) from the links below:

**NOTE: Most will still work with FM 15

Download the Kit Pack for the players for the Information section for the club, and also for the 3D Kits for players in the pitch form sortitoutsi. These have variations so pick an club Kit (among SL – Short Sleeve, LS – Long Sleeve or Standard Kit), then a 3D Kit for the Pitch game players. Download

Next the Logo pack for the Clubs. This entails almost all the clubs in the FM14 database, even for unplayable Clubs and Nations. You can choose among Metallic, ESS and Shiny Logos Megapack. The best maintained and updated is Metallic Logo Pack. Download

Finally, the heavy stuff and most important part of the game engine, the Player Face packs. It actually brings the game to life, you no longer see just empty slots in the game even on the pitch. Refreshing to bring the game with a personal touch, lets say like “facegame” not face-book. I now see Rooney, Messi and Falcao faces and can identify and relate to them better. Download

But where are the sounds? Well this is the other beauty of the game, as now you have in-game sound effects that have been made more realistic; thanks to Realistic Sound Patch. This patch you will enjoy a more realistic match and FM 14. You get a better feel of fans reaction during run-offs, fouls, referee discipline action, cheering and even substitution and injury time stadium announcements. Makes you feel like it is the real deal! Download

Phew! A sigh of relief as the long trip is finally over! The final pieces are optional, but really complete the engine and revamp it to near realism. The FM2014 Real Names and German National Team Fix that fixes the Names of Competition, Staff, Clubs and Players both at the National and Club levels. For example English Premier League changes to Barclays Premier League. Download

The package finale cannot be without FM 2014 Ad Board Patch. This package sells itself, if you have played FIFA and PES you know how cool the Ad Boards on the side of the pitch makes the game come alive. You now can add that too and enjoy the game better than before, especially the World Cup which was recently added by the developers. Download

There you have it. The complete guide to fill out the missing pieces of the pie. If you want a one off deal for the complete package Football Manager 2014 + FIX + Kit Pack + Logo pack + Cut Out Faces Megapack then add the final two pieces.

Come back later for more tips, as FM2015 draws near!


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