World on Fire!


As a Christian, I am under no obligation to attempt to reconcile the Bible’s teachings with modern philosophy. Biblical truth does not parallel human opinion of  any generation; it usually opposes it! We are to be witnesses, not imitators. The prophets who spoke to their generations for God did not please and conform; they irritated and opposed.

In theory, the people of the West have various forms of democracy based on a belief in God as well as on a general accepting of moral law. However, in practice we are beginning to resemble the Marxists, who have little respect for moral law or religion. Our interests are centered in ourselves. We are preoccupied with material things. Our supreme god is technology; our goddess is sex. Most of us are more interested in getting to the moon than in getting to heaven, more concerned about conquering space than about conquering ourselves. We are more dedicated to material security than to inner purity. We give much more thought to what we wear, what we eat, what we drink, and what we can do to relax than we give to what we are. This preoccupation with peripheral things applies to every area of our lives.

Today the whole world is on fire!

Into the cacophony of the voices of doom comes the Word of God. The Bible says that it is not too late. I do not believe that we have passed the point of no return. I do not believe that all is black and hopeless. There is still time to return to the moral and spiritual principles that made the West great. There is still time for God to intervene. But there is coming a time when it will be too late, and we are rapidly approaching that time!

*excerpt from World Aflame by Billy Graham


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