Greatness of the Least

Single hood is a lonely road. Passions, purpose and delights of life are most enjoyable in a crowd. Groups are the most common setting of society. A mixed reaction of belonging and sense of security in numbers. Incredibly enough, there must be a level of tolerance for the individuals to exist together. Tolerance. Might be compared to selfish ambitions.outofplaceThere is a perception that giving is receiving. Ambitions set out by people must be centred on giving more. An individual places him or herself on a pedestal with most benefits and rewards. Where most likely to keep reaping what you never sowed or placed a thought or effort. A paradigm of excessive will power to acquire the most out of resources comes down to corruption. Hunger for wants that drives the most decent of men to get to another level that is not typical.

The heart is to blame for its unquenchable hunger above all worldly drives. The mind can be satisfied by the diversity of items on the planet and the universe. There is a level of etc to the mind – End of Thinking Capacity. However, for the heart it is all a different matter that comes down to desire and delights that keep it pumping. This natural mechanical device that has little metallic element needing no oil but never tires or corrodes for a man’s whole lifespan.

Would it not be amazing if man really got to understand the basic elements of a ticking heart? That without the brain, the heart would still pump away. Starved of the head there will be a few minutes of life before the body comes to the realisation that the head is absent. A headless chicken can still run straight!

An individual is the heart any crowd and would pump and support the other members and ideals of the rest of the members. But without the brain or a leader, the crowd loses purpose and direction to go further in life.

Together, greatness can be achieved. Alone a tree cannot make a forest.


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