Free Sync for Passwords on Any One Platform

lastpass on OS platforms

If you are like me, you have 50+ accounts online and need to have secure passwords for all of them. Security is the key in this digital age of hackers and cloud services and products. Life is “physically” in the limits – the sky.

Therefore, who do you go to for security advise and pick as an insurance policy against hacking? There are numerous options but I have used LastPass for 5 years now and not regretted it. They have introduced some good news that make it Christmas in July:

LastPass is our favorite password manager, but to make the most of it, you need to pay for a premium subscription. Now, the service is bringing down some of the walls, and letting you use the mobile apps and sync your passwords on any one platform for free.

Of course, by “any one platform” they mean “if you use LastPass on the PC, you’ll get to sync across multiple PCs,” and “if you use LastPass on Android, you’ll be able to sync with other Android phones.” It’s not really freemium, which is how they’re labeling it, since you’re still restricted to one platform at a time unless you don’t mind syncing, but today’s move does make the mobile apps useful to people who don’t have premium—mobile apps that you couldn’t use without paying before.

This move also makes it easier for people who primarily need a password manager for their mobile devices to get use LastPass for free. Still, for unlimited syncing across all of your devices, you’ll need to pony up $12/yr for a LastPass Premium account, which we definitely think is worth the money.

Source: Lifehacker


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