Why You Might be Extinct by Windows?

windows 10

There are several reasons to upgrade to Windows 10 apart from it just being the best yet from Microsoft. This is a combination of Windows 7 and 8, if you have used the two UI (User Interfaces). This will be like adding mustard to a hot-dog. It is the icing on the cake for Metro UI design.

Add Cortana, the intelligent virtual assistant that makes its way from Windows Mobile to the desktop. Then add Microsoft’s new Edge Browser that makes browsing become a fresh experience with its elite speed, light on memory resources and amazing in-built ability to make PC gaming like a console with its link to Xbox One (not released yet). This is the browser to beat in 2017, yes 2017!

Microsoft are doing what Mercedes are doing in Formula 1. Changing the environment while the competitors remain the same. However, this might become a risky affair if most, if not all, of the previous applications or software become invalid.

Windows 10 keeps slowly releasing breadcrumbs that crash dreams and hopes go dashing outside the window. This is embarrassing when they play the drunk – three steps forward, one step backward.

Why tell us to move to Windows 10, but then do what Google does? Actually worse. At least we know Google use our data for their “own agenda”. Windows 10 will actually prevent users from using SecuROM and SafeDisc DRM. This means no more games and programs from past. Courtesy of Rock Paper Shotgun, we have a translation:

Everything that ran in Windows 7 should also run in Windows 10. There are just two silly exceptions: antivirus software and stuff that’s deeply embedded into the system needs updating – but the developers are on it already – and then there are old games on CD-Rom that have DRM.

You think that is worse? Now Windows 10 will snoop around your hard drive (disk) and when it finds a pirated program it prohibits use. Your own pirated or cracked programs will never work again.  Antivirus and other software included. As spotted by PC Authority, Microsoft has made changes to its End User License Agreement (EULA).

The greatest tragedy to happen in Windows 10 is selling a DVD Player app in the Windows Store, for a whooping $15. According to Jon Fingas, “Yes, if you got your Windows 10 upgrade for free, it’ll cost you more to play that dusty copy of Armageddon in DVD Player than it did to get an entire operating system.”

This operating system of Windows 10 is now installed on over 50 million devices worldwide. 50 million devices! That is just extraordinary. So either hold on joining the band wagon or watch from outside as the numbers keep changing.


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