Need For Speed (2015) Verdict

nfs 2015

Yes. HURRAY! The time for more NOS burning, rubber stripes and multiple vinyl and custom machine powered competition is back on again. After EA Games partner Ghost Games for Need For Speed decided to take a year-long leave to let us miss them a bit, they came back with a reboot, for lack of a better entry: self-titled: Need For Speed. They say simple is the new complex.

Carries its weight perfectly. The game, still holds to its Underground predecessors, apart from the UI (User Interface) that had a total revamp. Everything else feels like the age of when we first tasted bounties in Most Wanted blended in perfectly with the customizations that we loved in Underground 2. This might just give us the goosebumps that Ghost Games wanted.

“To build that specific game, we needed time and needed to understand from fans: what is the type of game you want us to build?” Nilsson said. “So what we’ve been doing in this year off is we’ve been trying to understand what people think Need for Speed should be standing for.”

The end result of spending an extra year on development is a better overall product, Nilsson says.

“What people get from this year that we didn’t ship a game, is they get a game that delivers on all the core tenets of what Need for Speed should be. And they get that in a very high quality form,” he explained. – Gamespot

The ideas have reached and successfully bore the right picture to all who wanted an “Underground Most Wanted”. There is nothing better than delivering that and adding the breadcrumbs of future possibilities like Exotic and Rare parts, each element customizations, MMO feature with right from the map interactivity.

The radio calls and interaction with characters is less cartoon like Most Wanted and actually real-life characters: “I’m in a movie/film if you may ask.” The map as well is better than Most Wanted with live GPS interactivity that is so top level achievement for Ghost Games.

NFS Most Wanted

Add in some super fresh customizations that are better than Underground (visual and parts) that are unlocked as you play – the multiple access race events and areas that are as numerous as MMO goes – to earn some RP.

NFS Undergound 2 Customization parts

You have to drive it to feel the exhilaration and sheer power of the car. Actually, in our case, we only need to play it. With the 5 day early access, you can say that this time EA Games and Ghost Games made an NFS edition, they can be exceedingly proud.

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