Windows 8.1 fixes for common problems

win 8.1 display

One area where Microsoft hasn’t lost its dominance is the PC. Over 95% of the world’s consumer and enterprise PCs run Windows in one form or another.

The trouble for Microsoft, however, is that the influence this bought them in the early 2000s has dwindled as more and more consumers and businesses move towards handheld devices.

To combat this, Microsoft decided to introduce Windows 8, an operating system that can offer a unified experience across all devices from smartphones to tablets to laptops to desktop PCs.

Unfortunately, Windows 8 was not a massive success: users lamented the lack of Start menu and vast user interface changes that made the experience seem alien when compared to the warm familiarity of Windows XP to 7.

Microsoft then released Windows 8.1 (and subsequently Windows 8.1 Update 1) which combated some of the issues faced by users, reintroducing a ‘boot-to-desktop’ option and bringing back the Start menu.

While these tweaks are obvious, some of them are less so. Here’s what we’re doing to all our new Windows 8.1 systems to get them running smoothly.

  1. Fix OneDrive (formerly SkyDrive)
  2. Get compatibility view back in Internet Explorer
  3. Trust this PC
  4. Get the apps on your Start screen to install
  5. Get rid of the pop-up tips
  6. Put libraries back
  7. Fix file associations
  8. Put desktop IE back on the Start screen
  9. See more Tiles on the home screen (Apps section actually)
  10. Squeeze in more apps and text
  11. Get an Administrator account
  12. Use Bing images as your lock screen picture
  13. Update Office to get snipping back
  14. Fix disappearing USB drives
  15. Put remote pictures back in the Photos app
  16. Windows Explorer crashing or reloading frequently
  17. Windows refuses to go to sleep or wakes up without prompting
  18. Blurry or fuzzy text

Excerpt from TechRadar. Click link for more information.


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