Why not to upgrade or update?


As the year comes to a close one thing that will come to mind is upgrade or downgrade software and/or hardware.

An upgrade is a new version of a software or hardware product designed to replace an older version of the same product. Typically, software companies sell upgrades at a discount to prevent users from switching to other products. Webopedia

This however would be great news for users of an amazing or ground breaking invention. Sometimes this is the worst news for loyal customers, as the amount of change or adaptability that is required to be able comfortably settle back is enormous.

Mostly this happens with software updates, which sometimes come with bugs (errors) that cripple usability to a halt. Some people would actually hope for a downgrade (installing an older version of firmware) of the product.

Rule of thumb: NEVER rush for updates. Wait for reviews and opt for the releases that have *Bugs fixes and improvements mentioned in the changelog. These are usually more stable and offer a better usability.

This saves a lot of stress and eases the transition to better products. Half the world still runs Windows XP (released August 24, 2001) today. This shows how stable and reliable the operating system is compared to all the later versions.


For Android currently is IceCreamSandwich (4.0) low-end smartphones or KitKat (4.4.4) for high-end smartphones. These offer most usability features like lockscreen widgets (favourite), transparent status bar, more system tweaks and security, and numerous stable applications. Latter versions miss on widgets and many applications crash and have some bugs.

For Windows pick at most currently, with minimal usability interruptions and stability would be Windows 7. An update of Windows Vista – failed project by Microsoft – will offer most adaptability for all software recently released.

Windows XP does not have support (ended April 8, 2014) from Microsoft therefore, none of the recent software or hardware would provide solutions nor support for it. Microsoft advises you upgrade to Windows 8 or 8.1.

Finally, NEVER leave the auto-update feature on or checked for any hardware or software. Always, check what changes have been made, then after you are satisfied, update. If you are doubtful, check the ratings, ask or read the reviews. Don’t be the hero or heroine.


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