Things You HAVE to DIY

DIY - Do It Yourself Colorful

In this life there are things that you have to do to survive. Some are actually for your own benefit and success or prosperity. You cannot depend on anybody else or anything else for these apart from yourself.

At the end of the day, YOU are to blame for your own success or failure.

  1. Happiness. It is your own concern and task to be happy. You cannot designate another person or thing with your happiness. To be happy, you have to choose to be happy and stay happy. Your partner, job, car, food or any thing you take for great joy and pleasure should not be your dependence. You make your happiness for yourself.
  2. Fate/ Destiny. There is something called freewill that people have little hold and utilize. Destiny or Threads of Fate are the theory or ideals that man created for giving them hope and character for themselves. Without freewill, man can as well be an animal without choice of direction. Choose your own fate or destiny, for the only constant in life is time.
  3. Health. Your own health is your own issue to tackle with for the rest of your life. Take care of your health; monitor and manage it properly. There are simple things you can do to check up for the symptoms for many illnesses. You are your own doctor. Watch what you eat, exercise and take preventive measures.
  4. Education. There are two types of educated people in life: Street smart or Book smart. Street smart is how great you are at making it successful in life, with nothing more than your experiences and trials. Book smart is how great you are at making  it successful in life, with nothing more than your books knowledge in making money and/or living. Education is the only thing you cannot inherit.
  5. Wealth. Making money or prosperity is a matter of choice. Taking any kind of job in life is your choice. You can be poor or rich; there is no middle class. It is all a matter of how far you are willing to go. How much money you can make from any task is your own understanding and knowledge of making money. Playing your own cards right and succeeding is your life long goal. Learn the players, learn the game, play it right. 

Do It Yourself. To succeed and be a great person in life you have to Do It Yourself. You are your own limitation.


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