Great Timing


Most people await with great anticipation new releases. However, time or money – usually time locks them from planning right. This can be solved by adding a calendar that auto-updates with all major game consoles like PC, Xbox, Wii and Playstation.

Yes, this keeps you at ease at when Far Cry: Primal, Tom Clancy’s The Division, Hitman or Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End is to be released.

No more worries! Ease into the timing by visiting Play Date and add or subscribe the Google Calendar iCal.


Software engineer Chris Gregori has released an interactive calendar, Play Date, that allows you to search the game release schedule month-by-month, and to filter your results by platform. It is powered by a plugin called FullCalendar, and draws release information from the user database at community gaming site Giant Bomb.

If you only play games on one platform, keeping track of releases isn’t that big of a deal. The more systems you play games on, however, the more your personal game release schedule can become a total mess.

via DailyDot


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