leo clouds


He had clouded his path, since he was a child. Experiencing small gifts of life at large dosages. Thinking became his life, his life became his thoughts.

Some friends would really appreciate his ideas, some ideas. As he was very open minded to the world. Had faith – raised a Christian gave him that belief of something. Though the manifestations of old tales became apparent with each day, it still melancholy his purpose.

leo clouds

“Limbo?!” It irate Leo Mildew at times to think that of himself. He felt it in reality. Lost between worlds, battling soul, mind and body. He took a deep breath as he walked up the steps to the school library.

School felt a prison of some-kind. An undertaking to purge the stupidity that lay among the many. Few actually achieved anything magnificent to others, though he always knew he could. Always knew his gift from a tender age. Suppressed it probably, but he knew.

Many a times, he had withheld the opportunity to shine, saying to himself, “Not yet!” Few knew of his many talents, few realised his madness.

“In my days, I could have done art, but I just did not feel the need to go through it,” his father, Lukas Mildew usually jested away at the past glory he overlooked.

It made Leo question himself even more. His level of greatness reached how far into the future? Would he be like the past heroes who were jailed or deemed mad? Leo was in prison already within himself.

[Image: amazing-photos-world.blogspot.sg]


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