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Sometimes I wake up with a problem and go back to bed with nothing more than a bigger problem. It is like a derby in my mind. Recently, I really got frustrated with Publicize feature. It kept updating with the whole URL using up my word count! Argh.

wpbitly logo

After going on a shorturl hunt; from one to another, paid and free. Rat race indeed but at the end of the day you have to settle for one and not rather try reinventing the wheel.

Thanks to Jeremy Herve for another insight again to this permalink quagmire. It is as simple as using “another plugin that updates the shortlink value, so it can be used by Jetpack Publicize.”

Sigh. Finally, got it working and now all is well thanks to WP Bitly. How does it work?

WP Bitly is the easiest way to replace the internally generated WordPress shortlinks with Bitly generated shortlinks.

Provide WP Bitly with an authorization token (automatically generated for you by Bitly), tell it which post types you’d like to generate shortlinks for, and forget about it! WP Bitly does the rest for you.

Shortlinks are a great way to quickly share posts on social media like Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. Just finished writing an amazing post and want to share that post with your friend? It’s a lot easier to text message a shortlink than the entire address.


How to install?

  1. First you need to download WP Plugin and Install it.
  2. Then the plugin will need to be configured with your account. If you don’t have one, then you would need to signup to have a personalized API. To retrieve your API, go under the Settings Tab in your account (Hint: it is located in the top right where your username is). NOTE: provides only authorization token now.
  3. Now let’s configure the plugin. Go to Settings » Writing » WP Bitly Options in your WordPress Admin Panel.wpbitly
  4. Paste the generated authorization token.
  5. Select your Post Types that you want to generate the link for.
  6. Click Save Changes and you are done.

The added benefit is WP Bitly also provides some insights (via a metabox on your edit post screen) as to how your link is being passed around, and who’s clicking on it.

To check if it is working, simply open your account, and you will see tons of new links generated. Or you can simply go to any of your post and click on the Get Shortlink button, and you should see a box with your link or Pro link. wpbeginner

You can sleep easy now that this hurdle is passed. Happy shorturl launch!


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