Where did the Bible go?

I met a gentleman some time ago with whom I have struck up a most interesting friendship. You see, Fred (of course, not his real name) is an agnostic and a homosexual. I don’t mean to excuse his unbelief or his homosexuality, but Fred has a story to tell, and, when you hear that story, your heart breaks and you come to understand why my friend emerged from his childhood as he did.
I haven’t discussed homosexuality with Fred. I know some of my brethren would have a hard time with that, but I’m concerned with a much more fundamental issue – Fred’s lack of faith. I see no point whatsoever in talking with Fred about his homosexuality when I’ll use Scripture he doesn’t believe came from God. I’m trying to help Fred come to faith in Jesus before I talk with him about any of his specific sins. That seems to me to be the prudent course of action.
Yet, Fred told me something recently that will, in my opinion, make bringing him to faith very difficult. He said, “Justin, I bought a New King James Bible the other day. When I was reading Romans, Paul said homosexuality was bad, so I threw it away.” My heart ached when Fred said that. He chose to read his own ideas into Scripture instead of allowing Scripture to speak for itself.

By ead more >>> Did You Throw Away Your Bible?


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