An onion is a woman


An onion is a woman.
It has several layers that
as you peel off
reveal even more more layers.

Many cry from the sweet aroma.
Others just have no reaction;
It is no wonder, some are moved to tears
in the presence of beauty.
Some just stand in confusion.

You have to fry it just right.
Golden brown or just well done:
You choose to burn her out with work,
or adorn her with joy and happiness.
Riches and wealth are just oil,
to help you two in the fire.

A gold mine is a woman.
You are always hopeful that
the more you dig, the gold you will find.
gold mine

An oil well that never runs dry,
or depends on market value,
to give or hold its value.

what joy it is to behold:
your price is far above rubies,
oh, virtuous WOMAN.

Images: jiva, petpoisonhelpline, financialtribune


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