Why am I alone?

Lately, it seems quite serious. Depression. I feel more alone than connected. They claim a global village or world wide web: WWW. In this world of social media, we are more alone than ever. All we join and try to do is be together with our phones and computers than with people.

Some years back, my father got me to watch a YouTube video ‘Look Up’ by Gary Turk. That video keeps me sane.

People today: love things and use people. Years prior it was: love people and use things.

Someone starts a job, with friends. Later, the friends become greedy. They want to earn more than the usual price. Love of money is the root of all evil. Yeah, that is sick you say. Instead of using social media to communicate and make peace; they fight, threaten, curse and insult at each other.

It is times like these that you need friends. Or actually a brother, born for times of adversity. You go back home to nurse your wounds. However, they are a like blood hounds. They follow and want to finish you off. Make sure you are dead.

So, you try and disconnect from the global village. No phones, emails, social media or any technology devices.

Heart breaks are the hardest, especially for relationships. Jobs you can recover.

Today, there are more teens and youths planning suicides and getting depressed than ever before. Social media just made bullying and hurting people much easier.

You share too much: photos, videos, texts and life secrets. Forgetting that the internet never forgets. That is how some end up in XXX sites and get shown on television for the ‘wrong’ social reasons >>> From Straight A’s to XXX.

People, PLEASE just stop sharing and start caring. Leave the techs and get personal. Go for fun, not pun. Even sitting in a car or park talking about your lives for just two hours is considered a date. The movies are making people go too far. Sex as an underage…not even a teenager!

What happened to simple talking over the phone; Sharing dates once a month; Writing letters and waiting for months for a reply; getting a simple call to the office and get a face-to-face ‘You are fired!’? What happened?

Look Up!

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