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Google Chrome Options You Might Activate #1

Google Chrome is the most widey used internet browser. It is simple to use and its integration into several of the devices today make it even better.

There are items under the hood that you might consider to activate to make your usage experience even better. You simply need to enter chrome://flags in the Chrome address bar and hit Enter.

WARNING These experimental features may change, break, or disappear at any time. We make absolutely no guarantees about what may happen if you turn one of these experiments on, and your browser may even spontaneously combust. Jokes aside, your browser may delete all your data, or your security and privacy could be compromised in unexpected ways. Any experiments you enable will be enabled for all users of this browser. Please proceed with caution. Interested in cool new Chrome features? Try our beta channel at

That is what you meet at the top of the page after it loads. Do not worry too much, it is just a disclaimer. In case any thing goes wrong, you can simply click the Reset all to default button at the top of the list or Uninstall and Reinstall Chrome to reset it to factory settings.

You can simply find the items by searching the list using Find (Ctrl + F) and using key terms. When you are through with the list, click the Relaunch Now button at the bottom of the list to effect the changes.


1. Smooth scrolling
This particular feature makes it easy to scroll through when you have multiple tabs open. Still, under testing, it is expected to improve your scrolling experience which might get sluggish otherwise under heavy load.

2. Tab audio muting UI control
When enabled, the audio indicators in the tab strip double as tab audio mute controls. This also adds commands in the tab context menu for quickly muting multiple selected tabs. This allows you to mute a certain tab or several selected tabs.

3. Password generation
This option allows the user to have Chrome generate passwords when it detects account creation pages. It allows one to create strong passwords with alpha-numerics and symbols.

4. Material Design in the rest of the browser’s native UI
Add some of Android’s material design to your Chrome browser experience on secondary UI (bubbles, dialogs, etc.). This means you continue to get a more organic UI even on the desktop.

5. Hiding close buttons on inactive tabs when stacked
Some people have multiple tabs open at the same time that they need to be stacked on the tabs strip. You may be going to switch to one tab, when accidently you clicked on the Close button. This option hides the close buttons of inactive tabs when the tabstrip is in stacked mode.

Happy experimenting.

Check out Chrome OS Developer for some videos.



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