Google Chrome Options You Might Activate #1

chrome flags

Google Chrome is the most widey used internet browser. It is simple to use and its integration into several of the devices today make it even better. There are items under the hood that you might consider to activate to make your usage experience even better. You simply need to enter chrome://flags in the Chrome address bar… Continue reading Google Chrome Options You Might Activate #1


Code Away


Many have had the confusion and utter bewildment at the subject of computer science. Especially for those new to the realm of computer coding. It can bombard you with just the various coding languages you are meant to be conversant with and that alone would shock you. From simple text editors like MS-DOS or Terminal… Continue reading Code Away

Customise and Personalise My Windows

windows 7 wallpaper

A stock Windows 7 installation a fairly pleasant place to work, judging from our readers' reports. Even so, a little tweaking of its behavior, looks, and other features lets you optimize and personalize that desktop. Check out these five great tools for doing so. God Mode (Windows, Free) The "God Mode" in Windows 7 isn't… Continue reading Customise and Personalise My Windows

Publicize My WordyPressEd

Using WordPress can be cumbersome and more mayhem than a child throwing tantrums. That is just for the more advance and tweaking that makes it more friendly across the broad spectrum of users and committed bloggers. Publicize feature from Jetpack makes blogging so much better than just a newspaper. Why you ask? It makes spreading the… Continue reading Publicize My WordyPressEd

Great Timing

Most people await with great anticipation new releases. However, time or money - usually time locks them from planning right. This can be solved by adding a calendar that auto-updates with all major game consoles like PC, Xbox, Wii and Playstation. Yes, this keeps you at ease at when Far Cry: Primal, Tom Clancy's The Division, Hitman or Uncharted 4:… Continue reading Great Timing