Take the Whole


Every morning, mourn the night, Taking the present with both hands. Hugging and embracing the future. Hope to keep you going. Faith like a shield bracing through it all. Determination is the dynamite. Persistance, the constant nag to failure. Victory: pungent smell of success! You can never deceive yourself, But you can conceal yourself. Leaving… Continue reading Take the Whole



Sometimes you have to be you. Forget everything, Lost in the oblivion, Blackhole of job and work, Left behind. Raptured. Hidden away. A santuary. Island of peace. A dream with eyes open wide. You: That is the final form of living. You.Good things come in three. Trinity. Marriage. Family. Wealth. Needs: The basic are actually… Continue reading sell-fish

Customise and Personalise My Windows

windows 7 wallpaper

A stock Windows 7 installation a fairly pleasant place to work, judging from our readers' reports. Even so, a little tweaking of its behavior, looks, and other features lets you optimize and personalize that desktop. Check out these five great tools for doing so. God Mode (Windows, Free) The "God Mode" in Windows 7 isn't… Continue reading Customise and Personalise My Windows