Great Timing

Most people await with great anticipation new releases. However, time or money - usually time locks them from planning right. This can be solved by adding a calendar that auto-updates with all major game consoles like PC, Xbox, Wii and Playstation. Yes, this keeps you at ease at when Far Cry: Primal, Tom Clancy's The Division, Hitman or Uncharted 4:… Continue reading Great Timing


Play Most Latest Games without Lag

If you are like me, you still enjoy your dual core processor in this technologically advanced age of i-Core processors. Numerous games are asking for so much recommended power yet, they mostly can scratch the surface with just a few tweaks in the graphics settings. You can play most latest games such as Watch_Dogs, FIFA 15 , Dying Light among others… Continue reading Play Most Latest Games without Lag

Packs and Add-ons for Football Manager 2014

"How comes your Football Manager 2014 has such a near realistic feel to it?" a friend asked. It is true; the sounds are just near on point. The player kits are just real too, even on the pitch as they play. The stadium ad boards are also on point, Arsenal with the Fly Emirates banners,… Continue reading Packs and Add-ons for Football Manager 2014