Customise and Personalise My Windows

windows 7 wallpaper

A stock Windows 7 installation a fairly pleasant place to work, judging from our readers' reports. Even so, a little tweaking of its behavior, looks, and other features lets you optimize and personalize that desktop. Check out these five great tools for doing so. God Mode (Windows, Free) The "God Mode" in Windows 7 isn't… Continue reading Customise and Personalise My Windows


Windows 8.1 fixes for common problems

One area where Microsoft hasn't lost its dominance is the PC. Over 95% of the world's consumer and enterprise PCs run Windows in one form or another. The trouble for Microsoft, however, is that the influence this bought them in the early 2000s has dwindled as more and more consumers and businesses move towards handheld… Continue reading Windows 8.1 fixes for common problems