Code Away

Many have had the confusion and utter bewildment at the subject of computer science. Especially for those new to the realm of computer coding. It can bombard you with just the various coding languages you are meant to be conversant with and that alone would shock you.

From simple text editors like MS-DOS or Terminal (Linux or MacOS), to Object Oriented Languages like PHP, CSS and JavaScript. You would even throw in support languages like C++ or C# to the mix. Let alone repository languages like Git and Ruby for those doing web and system developments.

This can be a huge ask and tasking for those new to this new galaxy in the universe of computer science.codecademy_icons

Do not panic. (Sorry, Empire of Code) You can work all this out in the academy. Codecademy to be specific. A friend introduced me to it and it has been the best thing yet. Providing you with most programming languages and exercises to help you. logo_blue_dark

From simple tasks of writing simple aritmetic to advance levels of writing a whole BattleShip game in code!  You can pay for Pro to get more exercises and advance level skills in each programming language they provide.

If you want some more coding tasks while you play a game like Clash of Clans, why not try Empire of Code. You play, as you code. Or is it you code as you play. The whole web application is a complete coders haven.empire of code game

Images: hatena, phaser, girlgeekupnorth


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