Why not to upgrade or update?

As the year comes to a close one thing that will come to mind is upgrade or downgrade software and/or hardware. An upgrade is a new version of a software or hardware product designed to replace an older version of the same product. Typically, software companies sell upgrades at a discount to prevent users from… Continue reading Why not to upgrade or update?


Need For Speed (2015) Verdict

Yes. HURRAY! The time for more NOS burning, rubber stripes and multiple vinyl and custom machine powered competition is back on again. After EA Games partner Ghost Games for Need For Speed decided to take a year-long leave to let us miss them a bit, they came back with a reboot, for lack of a better… Continue reading Need For Speed (2015) Verdict

Hacked Again… Someone Please Help!

A few months ago, Kenyan media fell into a perplexed mood when this happened: Another Top Kenyan Government Website Hacked! (February 21, 2015) then this happens President of Kenya Website Hacked by Indonesian hackers  (May 13, 2015). Recently, my brother inquired if Kenyan security is serious about cyber security if the famous and praised program NyumbaKumi Security had their website hacked too.… Continue reading Hacked Again… Someone Please Help!

Free Sync for Passwords on Any One Platform

If you are like me, you have 50+ accounts online and need to have secure passwords for all of them. Security is the key in this digital age of hackers and cloud services and products. Life is "physically" in the limits - the sky. Therefore, who do you go to for security advise and pick… Continue reading Free Sync for Passwords on Any One Platform

Packs and Add-ons for Football Manager 2014

"How comes your Football Manager 2014 has such a near realistic feel to it?" a friend asked. It is true; the sounds are just near on point. The player kits are just real too, even on the pitch as they play. The stadium ad boards are also on point, Arsenal with the Fly Emirates banners,… Continue reading Packs and Add-ons for Football Manager 2014

Top Basic apps to install in Android phone

You keep searching for what to install where and why, every time you buy a new item. Well for a Smartphone with an Android version 2.3 (Gingerbread) and latter you have numerous options that work to meet a few basic needs of the everyday person. Email: Well there are many email apps in the market,… Continue reading Top Basic apps to install in Android phone